Trigger Point Injection

These point case referred pain in characteristic areas for specific muscles. Locating a trigger point is the most important part of the examination. These points tend to occur in characteristic locations in individual muscles. When the trigger point is located, the patient typically has a positive “JUMP SIGN” when local pressure is applied over the area. Active trigger points are painful with or without movement. Trigger point are typically located in ligaments, tendons, periosteum, scar tissue and skin within the “Taut Band”.


Clinical Tests

  • Visual or tactile identification of local twitch response (LTR)
  • Electromyography (EMG) might demonstrate spontaneous electrical activity (SEA)
  • Lowered skin resistance to electrical current has been found over active trigger point when compared with surrounding tissue & may be useful in localizing trigger points.
  • The symptoms resolve with anesthesia of the trigger point.
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